Monitoring Of Concrete Bridge Using Robotic Total Station


  • Othman Zainon Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Fong Kian Sin Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Structural, Deformation, Monitoring, Bridge


Structural deformation monitoring is used to collect data on geometrical changes that occur within a structure. There are several techniques to carry out structural deformations monitoring surveys. The case study used in this the Sultan Idris Shah Bridge. It was constructed in 1907 and has required extensive maintenance on multiple occasions. This bridge is a vital transit route that is utilised daily by residents to move between Ipoh's old and modern towns. Due to these factors, including the bridge's age, traffic volume, and a strong water current beneath the bridge, it was anticipated that this structure would deform. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to explore the suitability of Robotic Total Station for monitoring concrete bridges deformation. The Sultan Idris Shah Bridge experienced deformation ranging from 1.3 cm to 4.2 cm, according to the findings. The study is based on two epochs of observation with a duration of three months. Monitoring points on the bridge's left side experienced deformation in a south-west direction, whereas monitoring points on the bridge's right-side experienced deformation in a north-west direction. The Robotic Total Station (RTS) employed in this study demonstrates that geometrical movement may be detected with centimetre-level accuracy. The findings propose a technique for future monitoring efforts that might be used to guide the application of RTS in structural monitoring.




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